Armored Legion - Ad Revenue Sharing Guide

Here at Armored Legion we have a very liberal linking policy and are excited to offer Ad-Revenue sharing. Simply put, we encourage you to link our game as long as our bottom Google Ad is shown below. You, as the site that links us, are free to place an Ad above or to the right hand side of our game. This is a win win situation for all parties involved and we hope to encourage as many MMORPG game portals to join us in this program. Please refer to the layouts below for more information.


The link to our game is here


Here is the IFRAMES code you need to include the game on your website:


	<iframe frameborder=0 scrolling=no width=730 height=600
	src="" align=top></iframe>


Some main reasons to join us in our ad revenue sharing







Ad Revenue Sharing Layout Guide for Web Portals

This shows you the ad spaces available for you to monetize your website today!



Minimum Layout Required To Link Armored Legion